Stabilise, Boost, Reduce, Share, Change.

  1. Stabilise: 

Stable Mental Health: The first key element to address amongst our target group is the management and prevention of mental health. A poor mental health limits our abilities to thrive. We break the stigma around mental health, access to support and overcoming barriers.

  • Boost

Training, Education and employment: With a stable mental health, our beneficiaries can be motivated to create and pursue their career goals through volunteering, apprenticeship, college and university programs, paid employment and the creation of micro businesses.

  • Reduce

Reduce poverty, crime, domestic abuse, and promote community cohesion principles: Through our education and personal development programmes, we aim to raise vibrant leaders, coaches; peer mentors, educators and community champions who can in-turn support in tackling our community challenges.

  • Share

A shared Vision and Community Partnership: We aim to work with other community projects with a shared vision. Whilst we create and monitor our beneficiaries’ identified goals and support plan, we shall signpost those with complex needs to the appropriate organisation, thus promoting community cohesion.

  • Change

Self-sustainability, long-term socio-cultural, economic and political reforms and reduced migration: When our beneficiaries are mentally stable, educated, highly skilled, and financially comfortable, they become a force of change, not only within the UK community, but also in their respective countries of birth. It brings long-term socio-economic and policy reforms through transferable skills, employment, quality education, health care, poverty alleviation, stability, and reduced unsafe migration to the UK.