4. Migration and Integration Programme


With the increasing number of Migration, there is a dire need for a culturally tailored, integration programme designed and delivered by African immigrants with lived experience leadership. Migrants are often either forgotten, under-supported with unmet cultural needs, and untapped natural skills. With Covid-19 and the ongoing migration and refugee crisis in the UK, Europe and the world; and the need for compliance to International regulations, we cannot neglect the need for integration, empowerment and policy reforms. Click here for our courses

My Holistic Integration

This 12-week 1-2-1 community integration programme creates a welcoming environment for newcomers and their children in the UK. It ignites a sense of safety and belongingness in their new home. We identify and link them with settled migrants of their respective nationalities, pairing them with mentors within the organisation with the aim to provide emotional and recovery support and assisting with interpretation. We also unlock participants’ unique skills, encouraging them to take up volunteering which gives them the opportunity to create social network, learn faster, reduce isolation and boredom, create some sense of belongingness, enhance their self-confidence, and prevent mental break-down. For enrolment and more information, click