3. Youth Intervention and Prevention Programme

As an organisation created by BAME lived experienced leaders, one of the crises faced within our BAME communities comes from the impact of childhood and domestic abuse on the youths. Statistics show that children are often the most affected victims of domestic abuse. The absence of timely intervention and appropriate support for these victims lead to long-term behavioural challenges.

Through our 1-2-1 services, we identify and support parents and children as early as possible, and signpost them to other services as needed. We also tap into the richness of our inherited community parenting style, especially for single parents. This initiative helps single parents within a closed community to team up with agreed parenting objectives, share knowledge, skills, and parental responsibilities, with the aim of relieving the burden on each other. Click here for our courses

Responsible Citizenship

We understand the damaging power of guilt and self-blaming, especially amongst children who witnessed abuse or are victims of abuse. They often carry the emotional burden and blame themselves which, in turn, affects their thoughts, emotions, behaviours and their achievements in life. It educates participants on their citizenship rights and responsibility within the society.  This transformative 3-week course is created with the objective to reassure participants and support them to escape the cycle of strong negative emotions, resulting from domestic abuse or other socio- cultural and economic issues. We accept individuals within the age group of 14 – 21 and at the end of this course, we offer 1-2-1 peer mentoring for up to 12 months. For enrolment and more information, click