1. Education and Personal Development Programmes


At B-FAPEC, we strongly believe in the transformative power of education and personal development. We design and deliver varied bespoke and culturally tailored wellbeing programmes to meet the needs of our participants. All our programmes are created and delivered by lived experience leaders with their own stories to tell. We partner with I AM THRIVING NOW Ltd and other community organisations to deliver programmes like: Click here for our courses 

Turning Your Pain into Gain (TYPIG) 

This is transformative 12 weeks programme. It offers self-awareness, emotional recovery, and prevention of abuse, by walking participants through a step-by-step road map, taking them from where they are to where they want to be. 

At the end of this course, participants leave with a renewed mind-set, a clear vision and determination to become lived experience leaders and community champions.  For enrolment and more information, click here

Not a Slave (NAS)

This is 3 weeks awareness course which educates participants on everything they need to know about modern slavery – from definition to types of slavery, the impact and how to seek support.  Participants on this course are encouraged to take TYPIG as a follow up course towards their personal development and emotional recovery. We do also signpost participants to other community organisations based on their support needs. For enrolment and more information, click here

Boosting Relationships 

We understand that the quality of our relationships defines the quality of our lives; and we also understand the power of cultural values on our relationships. Hence, this intensive and transformative 12-week course equips participants with the vital toolkit to form, manage and maintain healthy, happy, and lasting relationships.

At the end of the course, participants leave with a renewed sense of belongingness, self-love, self-confidence, and the desire to trust and love again. For enrolment and more information, click here

My Spiritual Growth

From consulting with members of our community, especially during this pandemic, we realised that some of them, especially from the BAME communities, wants to re-develop their spiritual purpose, and they desire to do so in a non-judgmental environment where they can he supported. Hence, this self-reflection course is designed for participants who desire to re-ignite their faith and reconnect with God. thereby, filling the vacuum of spiritual emptiness within them. At the end of the course, participants leave with a renewed sense of spiritual fulfilment and spiritual values which drives positive thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. For enrolment and more information, click here

1-2-1 support and peer mentoring

With the increased rate of mental health due to Covid-19 and the lockdown, there is a dire need for 1-2-1 emotional support for BAME communities to prevent mental break down. The added anxiety during and post Covid-19 hinders victims to socialise. Using self-guided and questioning techniques, we encourage individuals to challenge their limiting beliefs, create desire goals and we support them towards achieve their gaols. For enrolment and more information, click here